Thursday, February 6, 2014

My 2014 Hair Regimen, Astrology & Hairfinity

Hello My Sexy Sirens!

    So at the beginning of the year, I decided to go au natural with my hair. I had been natural before for 6 years and then one day, something possessed me to put a relaxer on my head a few months ago. It was a quality name brand that I purchased off of , and the relaxer turned out to be a bad one :( so it damaged my hair badly! My hair was brittle and falling out all over the place! So January 2014 rolled around and I had made the decision to cut it all off "Big Chop" style!  Now I want to share something special with you that some of you may already know and some may not....when cutting your hair, timing is EVERYTHING!

 This year I decided I would follow the Lunar Calendar when cutting my hair. Believe it or not, the moon has an effect on everything, it effects gravity, the tides, and growth of crops! Why would it not effect the growth of our hair. There is an old wise regimen that my grandmother told my mom who told me, you are to wait until the first Friday after New Moon to cut your hair. That means you do not actually cut your hair on New Moon but when the moon is "waxing" and that means it is growing (the light of the moon, that is).  But that is not all!  You should also follow astrology when preparing to cut your hair because you want to make sure you are cutting it during the right astrological sign!

Different Astrological signs carry certain types of elements and energy. Here is a list of the best and worst signs to cut your hair during.

 Aries- This is a Fire Sign and tends to be dry and barren. This is a very dry sign and it is best to avoid chemically processing your hair during this time. Cutting hair during this sign will cause dry brittle hair and slow growth. 

Taurus -is very productive and moist. If you want your hair to grow quickly and thickly, get your hair cut or trimmed during this moon. Chemically processing your hair is favored since there is moist growth energy.

 Gemini is barren and dry. Gemini, an air sign. Do not get your hair cut during this sign and do not make drastic decisions , like a new color. 

Cancer is a fruitful and moist sign. It is considered the most productive of all the signs and most frequently used for planting, seeding and irrigation. As the premier water sign, Cancer is the best sign to get your hair cut for growth and thickness. Because there is abundant moist energy available, all chemical processes will take well. This is a great time for coloring or highlighting your hair.

Leo is the most barren and driest of all signs since it’s naturally ruled by the burning sun. Deep conditioning treatments are a must during this time.A Leo moon may not be a good moon to attempt chemically processing your hair but it is excellent if you want to increase thickness.

Virgo - although slightly moist, is the only barren earth sign. Virgo is the premiere sign of the harvest so only cut hair during this moon if you want to go from a longer style to a practical and conservative shorter style. Extremely thick hair should be thinned out. Radical changes should be avoided. Virgo also rules over health so determine what vitamins, minerals and supplements we should take for our inner-beauty regime. B-Complex and Silica are especially good for our hair’s health.

Libra is a semi-fertile and moist sign. Lunar Planters used this sign to plant vines and flowers, appropriate since Libra rules over beauty. It’s no surprise, then, that perms, colors and styles have a better chance of success during this moon although working with a style you already have is better. 

 Scorpio is a very fruitful and moist and almost as productive as Cancer. For Hair Maintenance, cut hair if you need it to grow quickly. With so much moist energy, chemically processing enjoys greater success. 

Sagittarius is barren and dry and fiery. Perms, colors and any chemical processes should be avoided during this moon since the fire quality will leave hair dry and brittle. Instead, choose deep conditioning treatments.

Capricorn is productive, earthy and feminine, a bit drier than Taurus but still good for cutting hair if you want faster growth. Cut for maintenance. 

Aquarius is another barren and dry sign not suited for increasing growth or thickness. Definitely avoid chemically treating your hair since Aquarius is an air sign known for the unexpected. With so much drying air-like energy, processing will leave your hair dry.

Pisces is watery and feminine and one of the most fertile signs so expect increased growth and thickness if you cut your hair during this moon. In fact, almost any hair goal can be achieved with success. Chemically processing your hair is favorable since so much moist energy is available.

Here is a Calendar for 2014 that you can follow, to find out what sign the moon is under , click on a new moon and the dates will show up at the bottom along with which "Sign" the moon is in....

2014 Lunar Calendar

Here is a picture of my new Natural hairstyle! I am not wearing it out like this, but I will once it has grown out a little bit more!

I have also been taking the supplement "Hairfinity" , I have taken it before and it works wonders! So I will be updating my hair journey along the way! 


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