Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Simplify your Wardrobe

Hello Sexy Sirens!

   Winter is upon us! Here in Louisiana, it is beginning to show signs of the cold months ahead! So I thought this post should feature a look that represents that transition. When it's cold in the mornings and warmer in the evening, you might want to go for a look like this.

The dress is from MakeMeChic and it's giving me Kerry Washington (not Olivia Pope) but real life vibes! She loves cute dresses with unique patterns and prints! Classy and sophisticated at the same time! The shades I forgot were up there! LOL! 

I also want to address what to do if you want to simplify your wardrobe. In the past, I was all about colorful prints and patterns until last year when Kim Kardashian or (Kanye actually started dressing her) changed the game!  Kimye showed us what neutral colors can really do for your wardrobe! It shows a level of elite sophistication, grown woman ish! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hello Sexy Sirens!

  Yesterday I finally had a chance to get out of the house to go to my son's Honor Roll Assembly!! I am so proud of him for making the A/B Honor Roll and getting perfect conduct! So I decided to get a little dressed up and make a whole day out of it! I got dressed and attended the assembly early in the day and then after I decided to go downtown. 

I am very much a homebody and it takes a LOT to get me out of the house, but with the beautiful weather we are having, I really didn't have to be convinced. I just wanted to share my outfit for that day with you guys. I was so undecided on which shoes to wear with the outfit, so I brought both to show you! I got the shoes below from

Friday, October 24, 2014

Back On My Lightening Regimen

Hello Sexy Sirens,

  I am getting started again on my skin lightening regimen. I had taken a 5 month break from using lightening products. I think that your body needs a break sometimes or else it gets too used to the active ingredients and stops responding. During my break, I would say I have re-darkened about 2-3 shades. Summer sun was no joke and I was not always applying my sunscreen like I should have.

Last month (September), I did a full body peel with Yellow Peeling Oil. Against my own recommendations...I can't believe I decided to do this peel again!!! Last time I did it, I absolutely hated the process and it peeled well in some places, in other places my skin was left very uneven!! Needless to say, I was not happy with it the first time! Somehow I thought this time would be different, and it actually turned out worse!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

ColourPop Cosmetics Eyeshadow!!!

Hello Sexy Sirens! 

 I wanted to finally share with you all my new eyeshadow obsession that is ColourPop Cosmetics! Now, I have been using these for quite some time, I purchased back in August I believe... Anyhow, I love the super high intensity color payoff and the super affordable price! 

These shadows go for only $5 on their website ( , these little air whipped , iridescent, pots of joy are purely ethereal !!!! 
This one is called "Too Shy"  applied dry

This one is "Game Face" , applied wet.

So you see the difference between how they translate , dry or wet! The texture of these "Super Shock" eyeshadows are a creamy whipped texture, even before you wet them! I am in LOVE with these and I plan to collect them all! 
This one is "Fizz" applied dry

A lot of them have glitter in the formula. There are a few more "satin" formulas without glitter but with a little soft sheen, like my favorite colors below! 
This one is "Desert" applied wet 

"Bandit" applied go to "STAPLE" transition color!!! 

Now, I'm not going to swatch my whole collection right now, but if you follow my Instagram (@CelebritySiren) I will definitely be using more of these in my daily looks! 

Here is a look I created using only ColourPop Cosmetics "Super Shock" eyeshadows! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it fun and informative! Please be sure to check out my YouTube!, a tutorial on this look will be posted shortly!  Check out 

Until next time, Sexy Sirens ...Peace Out💋✌️

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Adore Me Lingerie

Hello Sexy Sirens,

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company about doing some promotions for their line! is a very unique company that offers monthly lingerie boxes for a low price! You can sign up for "pay as you go", which requires no commitment or you can sign-up for their VIP program which comes with tons of perks, that we will get to in a second!  So I ordered the "Hilda Bustier Set" and the "Danielle" robe and I was very excited to receive them! The quality of the merchandise is outstanding and comparable to Victoria's Secret at half the price! For my two items , the price was $99 , which would be one bustier from the other brand! Here are some professional shots we did to show off the pieces! 
"Hilda" is sold out I believe but, this one is similar

This is the "Danielle" robe with lace at the sleeves!

I am really in love with this company so much that I have decided to join the VIP Membership program! With this program there are many perks! 

I screen shot my current shopping cart! So with the VIP Membership, it brought my total for this order down to $4.95!!!! 

With the "pay as you go", shipping is still free but you just pay for the price of the set, which is still a great price, compared to other brands!!! 

So it's a win WIN situation! You get to be sexy all year around cause with the VIP Program every 6th set you purchase is FREE!!! 

They also have way more than just lingerie! Active wear, corsets, swimsuits, and Halloween Costumes!!! It's the perfect time to check them out ladies!!! What are you going to be for Halloween? 

Thanks for reading , Sexy Sirens....Peace out! 

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Monday, October 13, 2014

"Dress Your Face" Tamanna Palette Review

Hello Sexy Sirens! 

 It's been a while since I have written a blog post. I want to show you some of the new items I've been trying out lately! So I was so excited that Anastasia Beverly Hills decided to do collaborations with a few of the uber talented MUAs!  I am collecting each one of the palettes that they have released, so far I have the Amrezy and The "Tamanna Palette" has been my most recent conquest. I thought it was really important to show how well these amazing jewel tones come across on deeper skin tones. I did swatch each of the colors , this is without using any base or any wetness on the brush...just straight highly pigmented powder baby! 
I also like the fact that the palette comes with "Get the Look" cards, so people can easily create stunning looks! They show correct shadow placements to get an effortlessly elegant look! I used a few of the cards to create the looks below! 

This is the first look I created using the cards as a guide; 

Here is the second look I created using the cards; 

I really am a FAN of everything from the Anastasia Beverly Hills line, Norvina and her mom really know their stuff and I appreciate all of the hard work they put in! The shadows along with all of their other products I have used are A1 quality! 

While I was out shopping for makeup goodies, I also decided to pick up the Becca Illuminating Powder in "Opal" , I had been hearing a lot about how it's comparable with other notable highlighters like Estée Lauder's "Heatwave" I had to get my hands on it! I am happy to say, it lives up to all of the hype! Now, it is one of my staple highlighters right along with my Gerard Cosmetics Illuminating BB Cream! 

That's all for this haul folks! Please subscribe to this blog to keep getting updates! Also check me out on my Instagram!!! @CelebritySiren 

Until next time.... Sexy Sirens, Peace out! 

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