Thursday, March 27, 2014

My monthly Spa Treatments in KoreaTown

Hello Sexy Sirens,

        So I wanted to talk about my experience at a Korean Day Spa in LA called Wi Spa!  If you are really into taking good care of your skin and detoxing your body as a whole, I would highly recommend this place, but is not for the super shy ;) .  

 My friend and I decided to have a Spa Day weekend before last and since I had been hearing good things about Korean Day Spas and I am completely obsessed with how Koreans revere skincare, I decide this would be a fun first experience for both of us! So we choose to go to Wi Spa since the reviews were great! Upon driving up to the spa, you have an option to get your car valet parked or you can park it yourself , they have a ton of free parking ( which is always a HUGE plus, being in LA) . They also have a "Car Spa" , where you can get your car detailed as you are getting your own body waxed and buffed lol.  

When we walked in, you go straight up to the front desk and there you can choose which services you would like to get done. They have all types of beauty treatments for the total body. I choose a "Brown Sugar Scrub & Massage" which cost about $130 and I also got a pedicure.  My friend choose a full body "Salt Scrub Treatment & Massage" and a pedi as well... They give you an electronic wrist watch that is your locker key...and it is also used if you want to get any additional products, services, foods, or anything else while you are there. They charge everything to your wristband and from there you can pay on your way out, when you turn the band back in.  There is also a full gym too if you are a member, you can come here to "feel the burn".  

Once we got checked in, we went upstairs to the second floor, which is the Womens Floor. This Spa is Coed, there is a Mens Only Floor and then the "Jimjilbang"which is for men, women, and children. You can also bring your kids here, but if you have a boy he has to come with his dad...girls with unfortunately, I could never bring my son. Don't think I would ever want to but's a family friendly place. So this is where things may get a little "freaky" (no pun intended)... So once you get up to the second floor, you get some shorts and a t-shirt in your size. Then upon entering the Spa area you MUST TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES.... they are serious about people not wearing shoes in that part of the spa. I forgot that shoes were not allowed when I was leaving out, I was by my locker and had just started to slip my foot into my sandal when I was promptly reminded by my locker neighbor (whom I did not know)..."No shoes allowed in here".  Well alrighty then!.....  lol

Anyhow, upon entering is when you start to see all types of naked women running around everywhere. Nakedness of all shapes and sizes. Most you would wish to never see....but ummmmm ok. So on the way to the locker, butt naked people galore of all ages. Now, I must admit...I did feel a little awkward walking around in the nude in front of strangers but especially in front of strangers children. It's just weird!!! and you wonder if some women in there may be perves....yes women can be perverted as well. But once you get over the nakedness, it was pretty fun and relaxing! 

So my friend and I , walked into there and kinda had to look around and get adjusted before we were comfortable with stripping down, so we got our pedicure done first. After the pedicure, we went upstairs to the top floor to eat. The Jimjilbang is where the Korean Restaurant is and they have a great menu of authentic Korean Cusine! I believe I ordered a #11 with beef. It was really good and they give you sooooo much food! We sat at the low tables Korean style!

After food, we went back to the Women's Spa Area where it was time to take it all off, so we stripped naked and went into the Spa to shower and then it was time for our body treatments. We soaked in the heated herbal jacuzzi for like 10mins, which is extremely hot and dizzying! If you are not used to it, it can be a little overwhelming heat. Next we went back into the Body Treatment room where tons of other women lay on tables getting treatments done with partitions in between each table, so you cannot see the person next to you. 

You lay on a cold pink plastic table, completely nude. face down, ass up...lmao! Naw, just kidding! But your face is down and a lady comes in, she is in her underwear, ready to preform your body scrub treatment. So she begins by scrubbing your body with this little exfoliating cloth. It really gets a LOT of dead skin off! Because once I looked on the table I had loads of black little balls of skin everywhere! ugh! they scrub you in places that you forgot even existed! It gets a little weird and ticklish as well.

So after the exfoliation process, they apply the brown sugar scrub and they scrub your entire body front and back, cracks and all with  brown sugar! To rinse they splash you with a basin of warm water every now and again. You go and shower off for a while and then go sit in the sauna for 15mins.  Lastly the lady gives you a massage and apply's an oil to you. This is when it get's a little weird because the lady jumps on top of you, on the table and straddles your back to get into the massage! LOL!   Then when she turns you over, you get a facial mask applied to your face and they cover your face to let the mask set for a while, while the lady massages the front part of your body...arms, legs, shoulders. They will even wash your hair, but I kindly declined. I had on a wig and "she" was sliding all off anyway...I was like "No thanks". 

So after our treatments, we went back to the locker room area. This area is so nice because they have mirrors and vanity areas with blow dryers and curling irons if you need it. Once we got dressed, we were feeling BRAND NEW! We went downstairs to turn in the wrist band and pay for our additions. I think in all I spent about $170. 

My experience at WiSpa is definitely something I would do again. Once you can be comfortable in a room full of other nude women, it does something for your confidence! lol! I enjoyed the experience and the Brown Sugar Scrub treatment made my skin feel smooth and look glowing and brighter! This is something I would recommend people do once a month or once every 3 months if you cannot afford once monthly. Overall the WiSpa gets a 8/10 because I didn't have time to experience all of the Sauna Rooms they offer...But I will be back! 

Check out the site info and pics below: click to go to WiSpa Website

Sexy Sirens , Peace Out! 
Wi Spa proudly features five exclusive sauna rooms, each replete with detoxifying, rejuvenating minerals, and best experienced in progression. Relax, and reap the powerful wellness benefits of our BULGAMA, SALT, CLAY, JADE and ICE SAUNAS.

THE BULGAMA, made mostly out of oak wood, sits at an impressive 231 degrees for intense thermotherapy. As guests lie on the floor, heat helps to loosen muscles, remove toxins and bacteria in the body, and reduce blood pressure -- for an overall cleansing effect. Recommended usage is 10-15 minutes.
THE SALT SAUNA, with the help of thousand-year-old minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and selenium, improves the physical, chemical and hydrodynamic conditions of the body. The respiratory system is purified, circulation improves, the immune system is strengthened, and muscles are relaxed. In addition, halotherapy (salt therapy) is healing for skin conditions. Recommended usage is 10-20 minutes.
While THE CLAY SAUNA features clay specially imported from Korea, clay has been used for centuries around the world for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits. This natural mud stimulates the lymphatic system and assists in the heavy metal detoxification process. Guests immerse their bodies under layers of clay balls to increase the body temperature. Recommended usage is 10-20 minutes.
The powerfully hot JADE ROOM eases muscle tension, helps with arthritis, and is known to lower the cerebral temperature. The sodium and minerals within the walls of Jade Spa also help in the balancing of hormones. In Asian culture, Jade has long been revered for its healing properties and in aiding stress relief. Recommended usage is 10-20 minutes.
THE ICE SAUNA is the final stop after a day at the spa. This room helps bring the core body temperature down, closes the pores and tightens the skin. By finishing with the Ice Sauna, circulation will improve and overall well-being is restored. Recommended usage is 10-20 minutes.

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