Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Black Dahila Makeup Look + Fall Plaid #2

Hello Sexy Sirens,

  I was going to get out and go take these photos someplace creative and interesting, but brick wall will This morning when I awoke to take Sean'Michael to school, it was very cool out! Maybe in the low 50s .You can already tell that it's Fall! So I decided to do a look that would be warm and cozy!  Then later that day, it ended up getting HOT, go figure! 

I also did a makeup look that I call "The Black Dahlia" because it's dark, mysterious, and even murderous... I killed this look! 

But not to make light of the underlying story,  The mystery of "The Black Dahlia" is one of the most famous Hollywood cold murder cases. Read more about it here;

I'm obsessed with Old Hollywood and things that happened back then intrigue and mystify me. So I have a fascination for all things "Old Hollywood" therefore , that is what made me think of this morbid tale. And because this look is so dark. 

When my son got home from school and saw me he said "Mommy you look evil" , I said "Like a Vampire?" , he said "yeah!" Goal achieved! Yay!

So anyway, I want to share this look with you and tell you everything I used below! 
On my eyes and face: 
The Amrezy Palette , which is not being sold anymore :( , I used the colors " Caramel" for my crease transition, "Glisten" on the ball of my eyes and blended out, "LDB" on my outer corners.

On my face I contoured only with the contour kit powders. This time, I uses several different colors to sculpt my face! It came out sooooo well that I am going to make a video on how to do it for my YouTube channel! I feel like you have to use several different colors for contouring so that you can get a true gradient effect. 
So on my lips is 
"Black Velvet" Velvetine liquid matte lip stain

This has staying POWER! I eat and drink and it does not even rub off on my cup! It's amazing and truly matte! 

For my ensemble today; like I said earlier...I wanted a look for Fall and the cool weather, I also wanted to do Plaid since it's in for Fall! 
This photo from the back looks dumb , but what tha hell.... 

Blouse: Forever 21 
Blazer: unknown
Skirt: Sirens of Hollywood 
Boots: Call it Spring 
Bag: B. Makowsky 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Floral A-line skirt / off shoulder crop top

Hello Sexy Sirens,

  As I write this post, I am just barely able to think straight! Over the weekend, I got a stomach virus which ruined my whole weekend! :-(  my stomach still hurts, I haven't eaten anything in a day and a half, I'm weak , tired, all of the above! To me , a stomach virus is the worst thing. When other parts of my body hurt, I can handle it....but when my stomach hurts I turn into a puddle of mush! Ugh! 

Anyway, now that I'm done venting and complaining.... 

On Saturday , Sean & I went to the park to play and take pictures! That day I was feeling great and vintage / retro inspired , so I decided to wear my new outfit that I purchased online at

As some of you may know, I am completely OBSESSED with previous eras! All of the fashion and glamour of "Old Hollywood" give me soooo much life. My favorite era of them all is 1920s , but this look is from the 1950s. 

The top is off the shoulder sleeves, or like arm cuffs on the sweetheart neck line. This top pushes your boobs up and shows MAJOR cleveage! 
I kept my boobs hidden with my hair at the park FYI lol. 

The skirt is a beautiful, 1950s vintage inspired A-Line below the knee midi. I absolutely love this skirt! It's comfortable and cute! I will definitely be buying more items from them soon! Here is a direct link to the skirt.

My jewelry that day was very simple and elegant. I wore a pair of pearl and crystal stud earrings, a pearl, gold, and blue nautical charm bracelet, and a full finger golden ring. All available at 

Shoes are from the Jessica Simpson line, they are so adorbs and went perfectly with my outfit. 

I did not wear a handbag or clutch this time... I don't really have a large selection of handbags or clutches...Sorry , I need to buy more! 

All in all, we had a good time at the park, Sean met some new friends and had a blast! I played on some musical instruments while I was there, let that beat drop! Lol 

Lastly, we went to Happy Bellies for some Italian Ice, yummm! 

Perfect ending to a day well spent! 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Crop Sweater & Pencil Skirt

Hello Sexy Sirens! 

   I want to share with you, my outfit from yesterday! I am really feeling this crop sweater / pencil skirt combo trend. It's been done by Kim Kardashian , who if you didn't know, is one of my biggest fashion inspirations! I'm obsessed with her and always have been since 2007. Lol

I feel like this look is perfect for hourglass or apple body shapes. I have a more apple shape with a short torso and my belly area is the first place to gain weight! I have learned that when you are apple shaped ; it's important to achieve balance in your ensembles. You can either wear a loose top with tight bottoms or vice versa.
Apple shaped - when you are thin, you look fine but when you put on weight it goes to your gut first, creating a very round waistline , rounded appearance while the rest of your body is still considered smaller...

 Here is another good look for an apple shaped body; 

On Eva Longoria, she is wearing a fitted top with a flared skater skirt. 

You cannot wear a tight top and tight bottom because you will look like a sausage due to the short torso and lack of a defined waistline. You cannot wear loose top and baggy bottoms because you will look like you were swallowed by a balloon. It's not a good look. Here is an example of what you don't do; 

Out of all the looks below, I would say the middle one in white is MUCH better for her shape; 

Below is my version of this trend done with an acid washed pencil skirt with a slit and a white crochet crop sweater; 

The pencil skirt is from: 
Top and shoes are from; 
Wallet is vintage leather I borrowed from my mother.  My necklace set is from 

The wallet is my favorite part of the outfit because it's vintage and it gives a pop of color to the outfit; it also had old photos still inside! 😊
Me when I was a baby; 
My sister and I (below) 
My moms nursing badge ;

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amrezy Palette & Anastasia Contour Kit review

Hello Sexy Sirens! 

   I know I am late with posting a review on the Amrezy Palette but I have good reason... I purchased off the website ( almost a month ago and am just now receiving my order!!! I don't know what happened , they must have had a mix up. But no worries now because it's here! 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is part of the new "custom" collection. I put together my own palette consisting of these colors;

Macchiato - highlighter 
Latte - highlighter 

The contouring kit is so amazing because the colors go on smooth and is easily buildible. I contour my face with the middle color on the second row, which is; Havana . I also use the highlighter first pan on the first row, which is Latte. I'm sure I will use all of them, but for now those are my GO TO! 

The Amrezy Palette consists of 10 , highly pigmented colors , shimmers and mattes as well as jewel tones! 
All of the colors are labeled , so it makes it easy to identify what you used in case you need to write about it lol. Anyhow, I LOVE these shadows because they really are heavily pigmented and a little goes a long way! The first time I used them, I put in way too much color and had to really blend it out, so be careful!  They are perfect for layering and building upon, to get deeper color. I would compare the quality to Urban Decay. They are silky and smooth going on, very easy to blend! 
Photo taken with my iPhone 5s ; colors from left to right; 

Iridescent purple
Deep Plum

I couldn't wait to play in it today and tomorrow and all this weekend and all next week....I will be creating looks with this! Here is the look I created today! 

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Sexy Sirens Peace Out! 

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