Saturday, August 10, 2013

Follow my *New Vlog* !!!

Hello all my Sexy Sirens!

          I promise I am going to start blogging even more, especially since I got my blog linked to Google+ . I feel like there is so much more information that I have to share about the latest skincare products, beauty tips, and my life in general. I would love for you all to get to know me better, so I am going to also be doing a Vlog Channel. I have had so many requests for this.... I have already set it up, but I need to start posting videos to it! This will be stuff about my daily life , things that we all deal with on the regular, things that piss me off or even make me cry! LOL! Well, I don't cry much, but you get what I'm saying! I want my "Sirens" to get to know me as a person, my likes, my dislikes, love woes, or the lack thereof! I hope that you will be throughly entertained!

So please follow my Vlog Channel at ! YAY!

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