Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Imperfection Begets Perfection

Me without a stitch of makeup & Skintrium Enhanced Super Spot Eraser plastered all over my dark spots!

Hello Everyone!

          I wanted to share something with you all. I am going to be posting all of my skin care tips and beauty regimens on this blog, because I want to move in a different direction with my YouTube Channel. I would like to offer more variety on my channel, hair, makeup, fashion, and be multi-faceted like so many other gurus are. I mean why limit yourself right? I’ve noticed when you limit yourself, other people tend to limit you as well. Once you start doing one particular thing, people expect you to keep doing the same thing forever. That’s not me, I’m a Gemini, I like changing things up! Change is good!😊

Anyhow, this post is about my current skin regimen and how you don’t have to have perfect skin all the time. The photo above is me, without a stitch of makeup, with Skintrium’s Enhanced Super Spot Eraser plastered on my dark spots!! Lol, Many people think that just because I do YouTube videos on skincare that my skin is perfect. In fact, that is the exact opposite! I started doing YouTube videos and getting into skincare because my skin wasn’t perfect! “Perfect Skin” is the goal. I still have times when I break out and then I am a picker, lol so I often have dark spots when I breakout. Great skincare begins with imperfect skin! If you are consistent with the things that work well for you, ultimately you can have glowing flawless skin!

Right now, I am using M2 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, the Purple Seabreeze Actives Toner, M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer…these are my three steps day and night. At night I also apply Skintrium’s Enhanced Super Spot Eraser (which is what is on my face on the photo above) , and when I have breakouts I use Clean&Clear Persa-gel-10 (10% benzoyl peroxide) to dry them up. It works very quickly! I do this consistently day and night, drink plenty of water, and take my Glutathione & Vitamin C.

Having clear skin takes work and dedication for some people, like me, who are more prone to breakouts than others… And then some people are just lucky, they can wake up, clean their face with a towel & water and go!

Remember, the beginning of good skincare is imperfection. It’s the beginning of all self improvement. We want to look better, do better, and be better everyday!

Sexy Sirens, peace out!

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