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My Adventure to Earth Odyssey...

Hello Sexy Sirens,

 On my trip to New Orleans I visited "Earth Odyssey" which is a quaint little shop that sells crystals and natural/ man made gemstones. I believe that crystals and gemstones contain different powers and abilities to help with healing, whether it be emotional or physical, and assist with other personal issues. That is why when I read the reviews about this shop on YELP, I had to make it a point to go there on this trip, PLUS they have very gifted psychics there and I wanted to get a reading done for the first time in my life!
Earth Odyssey
306 Chartres
New Orleans, LA 70130

Now, let me just say this ...without getting too "spiritual" , I was raised with Christian beliefs, so I was taught never to go seeking spiritual guidance from psychics and mediums. So, because I was taught this growing up, I always had a fear of doing things like this. Now, I am a grown woman and able to make my own decisions about what I choose to follow and believe. I am still a Christian and I believe in Jesus, but I realized that you have to be willing to open yourself up to new experiences and knowledge because you never know what blessing might be in store for you or how something that you were afraid of might enrich your life and give you clarity on situations. 

Moving along, So when you enter the shop, you will see all of the stones, big and small, they have necklaces and bracelets...all types of jewelry or loose stones! Basically, whatever you are looking for...they have it! I went in with a list of stones I wanted. I wanted to get some for my son, so that his focus and creativity can flow through when it comes to his school work. He's an A/B student but I want him to make straight A's and I feel he could use help with staying focused. There are stones for that! So I purchased him some Pyrite, Tiger's Eye, and Black Onyx. 

this is Pyrite (above) loose stone - used to harness male energy, for power, stimulates confidence, creativity, blocks negativity, and for protection.

Black Onyx (above)- Grounds and purifies both the body and mind

For myself, I picked up some Clear Quartz and GoldStone.
Goldstone - enhances leadership skills and nudges an individual into the limelight.
Clear Quartz- enhances memory, magnifies the power of the mind through mental clarity and focus.

They also have tons of books that you can look through or purchase to learn more about the healing and energy evoking properties of crystals and gems. 

I chatted with Joy, the owner, while I was waiting on my time for the reading and she was very helpful when it came to identifying the stones that would be helpful to me AND her personality is awesome! She is funny with a genuine spirit! You can tell that she puts her heart and soul into her business and what she is doing! 

Back behind the purple curtains is where Jessica conducted my reading. I decided to do the Tarot Card reading, which was a single reading for $30. They also do Palm Readings, Intuitive Readings, Past Life Regressions, and Astrological readings. You could pay for one or all, so readings cost anywhere between $30 - $120. 

The room is very intimate and has a cozy feel. I let her know that it was my first time doing anything like this, so I was not really sure what to expect. I did not tell her anything about myself or even what I wanted to know before we started, so it was a cold read. She had me cut the deck and then she spread the cards out on the table, allowing me to pull 10 cards. After I carefully selected my cards, she put them on the table in order of ....current situation, past situations, etc .... then she began to flip each one over and tell me what they meant in reference to each situation.  I was so very impressed with how spot on the reading was, inspite of the fact that I had revealed NO information to her prior to the start of it all. Then after she explained all of the cards, it was time for my questions. So I asked a few questions and she pulled more cards...and went into further details. She even read my palm (no charge) for one of my questions that the cards didn't seem to have an answer for... She looked at my palm and could tell me the length of my first marriage, and whether or not I would marry again! And she was very accurate on the length of my first marriage ( I was shocked). 

You all know that I'm not going to go into detail of my personal business, LOL! But altogether, I was very impressed with the accuracy of the reading pertaining to my life situations and her professionalism was amazing!

If you are ever in NOLA and want to get a reading from talented advisors who are authentic and genuine, stop by Earth Odyssey! And tell them SirenGlam sent you!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. We are so happy that you love our store and can't wait until we see you again.

    Joy Debnath ~ Owner of Earth Odyssey


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