Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fall Perfection

Hello Sexy Sirens!

  I am not here to write a long neverending story about how much I LOVE Fall, because I don't really love it, I am just beginning to appreciate it more & more. Today was perfect sweater weather, cool.. boarder line cold , but not enough for a coat or jacket! I decided to wear this ultra chic sweater that I purchased from , which has now become one of my favorite stores!

I love the thickness and design of this cute peplum sweater! It's design (peplum) is unique for a sweater and the embroidery is very intricate, it draws you in!  I paired it with my skinny jeans which I purchased from Goodwill (in Reseda,CA), and my Charlotte Russe fringe knee high boots! 

Hope you all enjoyed this simple , "southern girl chic" look! 

Sweater: Peplum Sweater
Jeans: Skinny Jeans
Boots: Fringe Boots
Photos by me :) 
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