Monday, December 1, 2014

Thrift Shop Challenge Look#2

Hello Sexy Sirens,

  Remember the Rihanna inspired "Thrift Shop Challenge" !?? This is my 2nd look for week 2. Rihanna is known for throwing on a comfortable jumpsuit and I love jumpsuits because they are so effortless! This week, I was inspired by the look below;

Now it was my challenge to find a similar style or color jumpsuit at an inexpensive price and I was very fortunate to find this jumpsuit on 40% off sale from SheInside , which already has reasonable prices! This made the jumpsuit about $12.  The style is quite different from what Rihanna has on but, I went with it because it is white and Rihanna is known for wearing lots of white! 

White is such a clean and classic color. It is elegant and pure. White is associated with innocence, goodness, and is considered the color of perfection... I must admit, I felt like this white jumpsuit brought a since of positivity over me, just having on the color white, which I do not wear often, felt so refreshing! 

Plus, this time of year is MAGICAL!!! I absolutely LOVE the Holidays from Thanksgiving til New Years!  So I wanted this shoot to have a whimsical feel! What better fantasy ride to go on than a magical Merry Go Round! 

The shoes are from 
Earrings available on

The lipstick is from Wet N Wild , Ravin Raisin.  

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Until next time.... 
Sexy Sirens, Peace Out! 

Earrings: SirenGlam "1920"

Photo Credit: Doug Photos (click to check out his website)
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