Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thrift Shop Challenge look #3

Hello Sexy Sirens,

 I'm excited to share Look #3 from the "Thrift Shop Challenge", I feel like it's taking me FOREVER to complete it! I will do two more thrift looks and then I am done! Don't worry though, because I will still bring you affordable looks that make you look like a billion bucks without breaking the bank! 

So here is the look I put together, the top and jeans together cost $23! Can you believe it!? The coat I forgot how much I paid for it because I bought it a few years ago. The shoes don't count for the challenge.

Top: Goodwill for $4 , I got really creative with it because I made it into a knotted crop by cutting the bottom up to the middle and tying the ends together. 

Jeans: By Cello "High Waist Skinny Faded Light Wash" $19, , they are having an awesome sale right now so check out the site! 

Jacket; by Mixit , it is a 1980's Genuine Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket, I purchased it from my favorite consignment shop in Shreveport,LA "New to You" , once a year they have an event where they get lots of genuine furs that come in. You may be able to catch it if you are in the area!  Here are similar styles you can purchase:

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Sexy Sirens Peace Out! 

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