Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The NOLA Experience

Hello Sexy Sirens!

     Happy New Year!!!!! It's now officially 2015 which means the beginning of a clean slate! You have a whole new opportunity, 365 fresh new days, to either make things happen or fuck it up all over again! Please don't choose the latter.... This year I have decided to enjoy my life more. A lot of the time we get so wrapped up in the pressures and responsibilities of life, especially those of us with a family and children of our own. We often forget to LIVE and not just breathe, between helping with homework, working that 9-5 , putting food on the table for the hubby, and taking the kids to their weekly activities, we have a lot on our plates and it can be stressful, taking away the joy of it all. We have to learn that even while doing those necessary tasks, we can still find joy in little things. Set aside time for you and your family to just enjoy life.

Even though I have been to New Orleans a thousand times over, I usually just go to visit my family members, chill at their house, maybe go out to eat or something, and then leave or go to an acting audition and then leave. I go there, I breathe there....I turnaround, I go home, I breathe at home...I'm tired of just breathing , I want to LIVE! So this time I decided that I wanted my son and my mother to experience New Orleans. for once, like my son NEVER has and like my mom hasn't in YEARS. That is just what we did this time!  We LIVED!

We began our voyage down Decatur Street, there is ample parking where you can pay $30 for eight hours of parking, which is not bad. But do not be a min late picking up your car because you will get booted and have to pay upwards of $90 to have it removed. I know this because we met a guy who had just gotten booted.... it sucks for having to come out of so much money for nothing, so be careful there if you choose to park. 

Along Decatur is lots of shopping and restaurants , I stopped in a boutique called "WISH" that had a lot of unique pieces, that are only made in limited quantities, so if you buy a dress or jacket there are few of it's kind.  I also stopped in H&M and purchased a chic faux leather and tweed blazer because I was cold and had not expected to need my jacket. 

We also took lots of photos along the way, below is the famous St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

We wanted to experience the Beignets from Cafe Du Monde, as neither of us have ever stopped by the cafe. It was definitely an experience.  

The Beignets and coffee are amazing! I had an OJ but my mother being the coffee connoisseur, said  that she was very pleased with the coffee. The prices are very reasonable, less than $20 for all three of us. Just be prepared to stand in line for an hour or more! We actually did not have to stand in line long because one of the cafe workers pulled us out of the long line and escorted us to a table inside the "Great Room"!  I was shocked and surprised that we got to skip the whole line!  

this shot (below) , is only the beginning of the line.....

We did take home a box to see if we could recreate the experience at home.

After we had our breakfast, we wanted a little more sugar LOL, so we made our way across from Cafe Du Monde to the "Royal Praline Company of New Orleans" where we purchased pralines and saw these beautiful delicious looking candles! It's a cute little shop filled with sweet treats, I actually bought some Jack Daniel's Candied Pecans that gave be a little buzz! 

Royal Praline
300 Royal Street
New Orleans, La 70130

Sean Loves Palm Trees!!!

Next we went over to Jackson Square into the courtyard of the St. Louis Cathedral which is the oldest Catholic Cathedral still in operation in the United States.  

We then decided to head over to the Louisiana State Museum , where we saw two exhibits. First, was the Hurricane Katrina Exhibit which covered all aspects and details about Katrina, from the News reports of that time, playing on mini screens, to a simulation where you can feel the winds and watch the damages as they were happening on big screens.  They also had the food supply kits that were given to the families on display.

parts taken from homes, with markings indicating the living or dead

This is Fat Dominos legendary piano that was found among the debris, mostly still intact , in the Lower 9th Ward.

Upstairs is the "History of Mardi Gras Exhibit"  here we had a chance to learn how the different Krew's started and what the wear, the events and balls they host! It really is an amazing thing to see if you are in the area.

(Below) is the Zulu outfits

here is a room filled with Jewels and Crowns worn by the Kings and Queens...

Here are gowns from the Krew of Hermes....

This garb (below) is worn by a leader of a krew who cannot reveal his identity until his "reign" is over...

I really enjoyed the Louisiana State Museum

For lunch we headed over to "The River's Edge Cafe" which was close by, Here is the Jambalaya Pasta (below). I wasn't too thrilled with the food here, it was very SALTY! You would expect for a pasta like this to have a sweet taste or spicy, but all I tasted was SALT! My son had chicken fingers which tasted like they had not seasoned them at all...just battered them and fried them up! My mother had gumbo which was SALTY as well... We also had feathered guests (birds from outside) fluttering around in the room and by the table...for me, it was a fail. I don't think we will be revisiting this place again. :(  I wanted to like it, but it didn't happen. 

Took a walk on the River Walk 

I had to share some "street style" shots with you guys!

Top: Neiman Marcus

I ended up seeing an ocean / liner cruise ship coming in...

Quiet shots of the city at night...

Altogether, we had a great time, we enjoyed the city, and most of all, we enjoyed each others company! 

Sexy Sirens, Peace Out! 

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