Monday, December 8, 2014

So Necessary....

Hello Sexy Sirens,

 I believe that having simple pieces in your wardrobe is essential to great style! I used to be the type that wanted everything I wore to be loud, flamboyant, and over the top! I wore lots of color and anything that was bling, I had to have it! Now, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with wearing colors and being colorful, if that is your way of expression then by all means, carry on! For me personally, I realized that a balance is best! I never realized how important neutral colors were in adding balance and sophistication.

Having simple items in your wardrobe, like this nude suede low-back dress from Necessary Clothing Laura Croft Dress, makes getting dressed so much easier! You can literally throw it on and head out the door! You don't need a lot of accessories to dress it up because the color, texture, and design make a statement all on their own. 
Now I don't have a lot of "curves" so I thought that I couldn't pull off a design like this dress, but I was wrong! No matter what size, shape, or body type you have, there are things you can do to make sure it compliments your figure.
Here I paired it with a Guess Wool Houndstooth, Faux Fur & Leather trimmed Trench Coat to accentuate my slender body type and give the dress some character!

I pulled the whole look together with my trapeze bag and these cut out black suede booties from Lola's Shoetique

Hope you all enjoyed this look! 
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Sexy Sirens...Peace Out! 

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