Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amrezy Palette & Anastasia Contour Kit review

Hello Sexy Sirens! 

   I know I am late with posting a review on the Amrezy Palette but I have good reason... I purchased off the website ( almost a month ago and am just now receiving my order!!! I don't know what happened , they must have had a mix up. But no worries now because it's here! 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is part of the new "custom" collection. I put together my own palette consisting of these colors;

Macchiato - highlighter 
Latte - highlighter 

The contouring kit is so amazing because the colors go on smooth and is easily buildible. I contour my face with the middle color on the second row, which is; Havana . I also use the highlighter first pan on the first row, which is Latte. I'm sure I will use all of them, but for now those are my GO TO! 

The Amrezy Palette consists of 10 , highly pigmented colors , shimmers and mattes as well as jewel tones! 
All of the colors are labeled , so it makes it easy to identify what you used in case you need to write about it lol. Anyhow, I LOVE these shadows because they really are heavily pigmented and a little goes a long way! The first time I used them, I put in way too much color and had to really blend it out, so be careful!  They are perfect for layering and building upon, to get deeper color. I would compare the quality to Urban Decay. They are silky and smooth going on, very easy to blend! 
Photo taken with my iPhone 5s ; colors from left to right; 

Iridescent purple
Deep Plum

I couldn't wait to play in it today and tomorrow and all this weekend and all next week....I will be creating looks with this! Here is the look I created today! 

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Sexy Sirens Peace Out! 

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