Monday, September 15, 2014

Funday Florals

Hello Sexy Sirens!

    This was going to be my Sunday Funday post but, It's not Sunday anymore , I was supposed to post this yesterday! So I went to church, I wanted to wear something reflective of my mood which was cheerful & light , so I picked this floral H&M peplum dress. Now I know peplum is slowly fading into style oblivion ...but this piece is timeless IMO and will never go out of style!

I decided to wear an over-statement piece of jewelry because it is a crystal flower necklace, which I felt went perfectly with the floral pattern of the dress! Some people might think that it is "too much" , but to me...enough is never enough! I'm unapologetically over the top and I have to convey that part of my personality through how I dress! 

The earrings were a mint colored stone & crystal . Both pieces can be found on 

My shoes were plain peep toe/open toe black pumps I found in my closet. 
These are by :Jessica Simpson

I didn't wear a clutch, but if I would have been a simple black patent leather clutch. I loved this outfit because I feel it's simple  yet it makes a statement at the same time! It's playful and fun, great for a Sunday Brunch or daytime date! I hope you all enjoyed this look! 

The bunny ears were just for fun! ;) 

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Sexy Sirens, Peace Out!

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