Friday, September 19, 2014

Crop Sweater & Pencil Skirt

Hello Sexy Sirens! 

   I want to share with you, my outfit from yesterday! I am really feeling this crop sweater / pencil skirt combo trend. It's been done by Kim Kardashian , who if you didn't know, is one of my biggest fashion inspirations! I'm obsessed with her and always have been since 2007. Lol

I feel like this look is perfect for hourglass or apple body shapes. I have a more apple shape with a short torso and my belly area is the first place to gain weight! I have learned that when you are apple shaped ; it's important to achieve balance in your ensembles. You can either wear a loose top with tight bottoms or vice versa.
Apple shaped - when you are thin, you look fine but when you put on weight it goes to your gut first, creating a very round waistline , rounded appearance while the rest of your body is still considered smaller...

 Here is another good look for an apple shaped body; 

On Eva Longoria, she is wearing a fitted top with a flared skater skirt. 

You cannot wear a tight top and tight bottom because you will look like a sausage due to the short torso and lack of a defined waistline. You cannot wear loose top and baggy bottoms because you will look like you were swallowed by a balloon. It's not a good look. Here is an example of what you don't do; 

Out of all the looks below, I would say the middle one in white is MUCH better for her shape; 

Below is my version of this trend done with an acid washed pencil skirt with a slit and a white crochet crop sweater; 

The pencil skirt is from: 
Top and shoes are from; 
Wallet is vintage leather I borrowed from my mother.  My necklace set is from 

The wallet is my favorite part of the outfit because it's vintage and it gives a pop of color to the outfit; it also had old photos still inside! 😊
Me when I was a baby; 
My sister and I (below) 
My moms nursing badge ;

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Until next time.....Sexy Sirens Peace Out!!

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