Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Simplify your Wardrobe

Hello Sexy Sirens!

   Winter is upon us! Here in Louisiana, it is beginning to show signs of the cold months ahead! So I thought this post should feature a look that represents that transition. When it's cold in the mornings and warmer in the evening, you might want to go for a look like this.

The dress is from MakeMeChic and it's giving me Kerry Washington (not Olivia Pope) but real life vibes! She loves cute dresses with unique patterns and prints! Classy and sophisticated at the same time! The shades I forgot were up there! LOL! 

I also want to address what to do if you want to simplify your wardrobe. In the past, I was all about colorful prints and patterns until last year when Kim Kardashian or (Kanye actually started dressing her) changed the game!  Kimye showed us what neutral colors can really do for your wardrobe! It shows a level of elite sophistication, grown woman ish! 

Now whether you "like" them or have to admit, they can dress their tails off hunny! They are the perfect example of how to step up your game! 

Now, like I said before, in the past I was all about colorful prints and patterns but I didn't realize how important it was to own basic staple pieces to give it all balance. I am naturally flamboyant and love everything that screams out at you or catches the eye! If it's shiny or rhinestone embellished, I need it! When Kanye started dressing Kim, everyone thought it was a boring disaster! But as the old saying goes " First they laugh, and then they COPY!"  Now that the laughing is over, Kim's basic monotone wardrobe is all the rage! It's all you see around you! 

I don't want to make this post extra long, but I just want to share some basic tips that you can use to step up your monotone game! 

1. Buy a few basics like a white blouse or t-shirt, a black skirt or pair of pants, a black and/or white blazer. Even if you do love colors and prints like I do, you still need to balance it out! You could pair a floral crop top with a black skirt and black shoes! The key is not to make an outfit too busy or draw the eyes to too many places at once. 

2. Here are the basic color schemes that are in for the season;
White and Cremé 
Beige / Tan / Camel
Blush Pink
Olive Green 
Grey or Heather Grey 
Navy Blue

3. You don't always need a colorful pattern or something with bling on it to make an outfit stand out, sometimes it's about the cut of a blouse or how a piece is designed, sometimes even the texture or material makes it stand out on it's own, even if it has a "monotone" feel like this outfit board I put together. The shoes and clutch make it pop!

4. In order to pull off a monotone look, everything does not have to match exactly! It's completely fine to mix shades and textures to get the look you want! 

So those are my tips! I hope you found this post insightful and that it helps you in putting together a more sophisticated wardrobe. I am in the middle of completely changing my wardrobe and keeping these things in mind helps me to get the look I'm going for! 

Below is a look I shot this week! I love this dress from MakeMeChic , it's white but the laser cut pattern make it stand out! I added a black Kenneth Cole trench to class it up and the shoes are from 

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YouTube ; TheKimberlyNichelle 

Photo credit: PGEE Photography 

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