Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Adore Me Lingerie

Hello Sexy Sirens,

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company about doing some promotions for their line! AdoreMe.com is a very unique company that offers monthly lingerie boxes for a low price! You can sign up for "pay as you go", which requires no commitment or you can sign-up for their VIP program which comes with tons of perks, that we will get to in a second!  So I ordered the "Hilda Bustier Set" and the "Danielle" robe and I was very excited to receive them! The quality of the merchandise is outstanding and comparable to Victoria's Secret at half the price! For my two items , the price was $99 , which would be one bustier from the other brand! Here are some professional shots we did to show off the pieces! 
"Hilda" is sold out I believe but, this one is similar http://www.adoreme.com/be-sexy/jasmine.html

This is the "Danielle" robe with lace at the sleeves! 

I am really in love with this company so much that I have decided to join the VIP Membership program! With this program there are many perks! 

I screen shot my current shopping cart! So with the VIP Membership, it brought my total for this order down to $4.95!!!! 

With the "pay as you go", shipping is still free but you just pay for the price of the set, which is still a great price, compared to other brands!!! 

So it's a win WIN situation! You get to be sexy all year around cause with the VIP Program every 6th set you purchase is FREE!!! 

They also have way more than just lingerie! Active wear, corsets, swimsuits, and Halloween Costumes!!! It's the perfect time to check them out ladies!!! What are you going to be for Halloween? 

Thanks for reading , Sexy Sirens....Peace out! 

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