Friday, October 24, 2014

Back On My Lightening Regimen

Hello Sexy Sirens,

  I am getting started again on my skin lightening regimen. I had taken a 5 month break from using lightening products. I think that your body needs a break sometimes or else it gets too used to the active ingredients and stops responding. During my break, I would say I have re-darkened about 2-3 shades. Summer sun was no joke and I was not always applying my sunscreen like I should have.

Last month (September), I did a full body peel with Yellow Peeling Oil. Against my own recommendations...I can't believe I decided to do this peel again!!! Last time I did it, I absolutely hated the process and it peeled well in some places, in other places my skin was left very uneven!! Needless to say, I was not happy with it the first time! Somehow I thought this time would be different, and it actually turned out worse!

This time, it took my skin like a whole month to peel and it was still so uneven!! Parts of my lower legs & my feet were unpeeled. The most horrifying part of the whole thing was the fact that I developed PIH for the first time ever! There were parts of my body that was burned and it left deep scars on my legs and back! 

When the scars were new ( in this photo they have healed) they were black and crusted. This whole YPO thing was a horrible experience that I vow to NEVER do again! 

So now that it's over and my body has peeled completely. I am going to be using Skintrium's Platinum Esthetic Blend Face & Body Cream! I called Skintrium and spoke to the concierge service. She hooked me up!!! So this version of the cream is especially made for African American skin. I believe it is only available upon request, so you have to call and speak to them to get it. She told me that this will give me drastic results, up to 5 shades! So I am excited to see if it can really live up to my expectations! 

It's kind of great that I get to start over again at a deeper skin tone so we can really see the difference this version of the cream makes! I am going to document my results week by week here on the blog! So be sure to SUBSCRIBE!  So here is a photo of myself currently! No filters or true skin tone 

You can see how the peel has left my legs uneven and scarred.. 

This is my goal; 

Let's see what happens! Tell me some things you have used to reach your goals and what products have worked for you!? 

Here is a link to the Skintrium products, you get a discount through this link; 

If you place an order by phone; use discount code: KJF, to save.

Can't wait to post new pics next week! 

Sexy Sirens, Peace out! 


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  2. Hey I'd love to see an update (:


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