Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Lovers Guide

Hello Sexy Sirens!

Last week I purchased a 5 lipstick bundle from because I wanted to see what all the hype was about with these lipsticks! 

I've always been a lipgloss kinda girl...I just recently fell in love with matte lipsticks. The thing that I did not like about lipsticks before was the fact that they made my lips VERY dry! I've always had a problem with chapped peeling lips, so that is why glosses always worked for me. With these lipsticks my lips are actually smoother! 

The formula is so creamy and smooth! They hydrate my lips and gives a perfect matte finish! I absolutely am a lipstick lover because of these, creamy sticks of goodness! Let's talk about the's luxurious and eye catching! The Gold packaging is what really sold me on these because it's very classy and unique. Although I would have rather that they were made of real metal so it would be more durable and feel like a piece of art to be collected. These lipstick cases are plastic, yet they do not feel or look "cheap".  The price point is $19 a piece, which is a bit higher than MAC, but with all of the sales and coupon codes you can constantly find on Instagram, it really isn't too bad. 

I swatched all of the ones that I purchased. You can get a feel of the finish and how they look on a medium brown skin tone. Hope you enjoyed my little review! 

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