Monday, November 17, 2014

Thrift Shop Challenge - look #1

Hey Sexy Sirens,

So a few weeks ago, a friend of mine challenged me to find a few inexpensive celebrity looks. The person I had chosen was Rihanna because everyone knows her style is impeccable. She is daring, bold, and doesn't give a f____. I like that! 

My looks were supposed to be posted daily for a week ( 7 days) , but because I have to schedule these looks to be shot professionally, I decided to do one look weekly instead. The first look inspiration was this dress here ;
Rihanna is known for wearing a lot of black and so am I, black is one of my favorite's actually not a color but a result of all of the colors of the color spectrum being combined ;) i.e. (Black is not a color; a black object absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them to the eyes.) lol , anyway.... She is also known for plunging necklines and high splits, so when I found my dress at Burlington's Coat Factory for $19.98, I couldn't pass it up! Now, my look is a little more "conservative" because I am not as daring as she is , but I thought it worked well.
The dress is a Calvin Klein Drape maxi, awesome steal for $20. 

I paired the dress with a black Celine inspired trapeze bag from WindsorStore, the bag was about $40 ( which didn't count for the challenge). It is very amazing and sturdy quality for the price! 

And the shoes I purchased are from GoJane,  Wide Cuff Zippered Heel 

I love the different dimensions of this dress. It is very comfortable to wear and reveals just enough skin to keep it classy. 

I decided to pair it with crystal pavĂ© link earrings and a rhinestone cuff bracket to add a sophisticated appeal. 

The accessories were just enough, so that the look was not "loud" or "overdone". 

I love the flow of the dress and the way it moves when I walk! 

Lastly, the criss cross low cut back makes this the perfect dress for an updo, but I chose to wear my hair down instead this time. 

This dress is absolutely fabulous and such a great deal at Burlington's!  I hope that you have enjoyed this look! Can't wait to post my second Rihanna inspired look next week! Until then....

Sexy Sirens Peace Out! 

Kimberly J. 

Photo Credit; 
Instagram: @photosbydoug 

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