Friday, November 14, 2014

Skintrium Super Platinum Update

Hello Sexy Sirens!

 I wanted to give you a quick update on how my skin tone is progressing with the new Super Strength Platinum Cream that I've been using on my face and body! I know that this update is long overdue! 

So I just want to share some before and after photos below;

So this is my skintone around the time I started ... remember this photo?

This was a week after I started. 

Two weeks after...

 Currently..... I took this a few days ago 

And this I took yesterday 

So my face and my arms has definitely been getting lighter, even my mom noticed and once again, told me to stop using it... 

But I have to be honest, I was only using the cream once daily up until this point. I have upped the usage to twice daily, because I just realized that those are the correct usage instructions. 

I have also found a great soap I would like to stick to using, it is from their Glutathione/AHA soap. 

I will continue with the Super Platinum Cream, I still have half a jar left... New update will be posted in two weeks! Let me know your thoughts? Do you see a difference? 

For more info on the Skintrium Super Platinum cream visit this link; 

To verify the timeline of my photos, receipts baby!!! VISIT MY INSTAGRAM @SIRENGLAM

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  1. would it work for darker skin tones with eczema


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